Project Green Light (Part III): Follow the Money as it Leaves Detroit.

This is Part III of a series examining a proposed ordinance that would require every business in Detroit open after 10 pm to participate in Project Green Light. For a description of Project Green Light (the reality, not the hype) see Part I . To see what Project Green Light has actually accomplished, See Part II

So, about those cameras.

Under the proposed Project Green Light Ordinance, if you have a business open after 10pm, you will be required to have at least 4 HD cameras on your property, some inside, some outside. These cameras will stream to the police 24 hours a day.

  • You must pay for these cameras even if you are only open until 11:00 pm.
  • You must pay for these cameras even if you don’t have a problem with crime.
  • You must pay for these cameras even if you already have a video surveillance system.
  • You must pay for these cameras even if you have security guards on site.

And who are you paying for these cameras – and the required lighting and installation?  Anyone you want…as long as that person is on the list of vendors approved by the City of Detroit. Fortunately, misuse of that kind of contracting never happens in Detroit, so you can feel comfortable that the list of vendors is filled with local Detroit businesses rather than just well-connected friends of our Mayor or City Council.

Ok, maybe not. I went through the vendor list and googled the companies and looked at the Secretary of State database of Michigan business entities. If nothing turned up, I Googled the email address on the list. If I couldn’t find any information, there is a “?”. Not rocket science.

Here is what I found: Of the 26 authorized vendors, the ones you MUST use, only 4!!! appear to be Detroit based.

  1. 4 Ben Communications – ?
  2. Access Surveillance – Based in Detroit, MI
  3. ADT – Boca Raton, FL
  4. Act Now Alarm – Clinton Township, MI
  5. AESIS Installations –Email address associated with Facebook page for Home Accoustics, based in Detroit, MI
  6. Clear View – Vendor website points to a company based in Troy, MI
  7. Comcast – Philadelphia, PA
  8. Coming Attractions – Email address associated with company based in Canton, MI.
  9. Digital Detroit – The only registered company with this name is based in Birmingham, MI.
  10. First Class Technology – Dearborn Heights, MI
  11. Groundwork 0 – Detroit, MI
  12. GSI – Troy, MI
  13. In2Gro Technologies – Auburn Hills, MI
  14. Infinite Technologies – Detroit, MI
  15. iView, Inc. – Iview Systems is a large Canadian company, but this isn’t them. The email address isn’t helpful.
  16. Land and Sea – Dearborn Heights, MI
  17. Logical Owl – Troy, MI
  18. Low Voltage Designs – Farmington Hills, MI
  19. MA Security – Dearborn Heights, MI
  20. Rocket Fiber – Detroit, MI
  21. SafeTcomm – ? Location not on website. Doesn’t appear to be Michigan based
  22. Security 101 – Based in Canton, MI
  23. Security Alarm Co. – email address associate with Frontier Communications, headquartered in Connecticut. The name is associated with a company in Owosso, MI. My guess, a “local” certified dealer.
  24. Shaw – email address associated with Shaw Systems & Integration, based in Southfield, MI.
  25. Startech Solutions – Southfield, MI
  26. Wiltec – Wiltec Technologies, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI

Project Green Light isn’t nearly as effective as the City claims (more on that later) but it’s going to cost business owners real money. And where will those hundreds of thousands of dollars go? Mostly to vendors from outside the city.

Have you heard this story before? Yeah, me too.

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